Born and raised in the Jerusalem hills of Israel, Guy embarked on an unlikely career path as an international adventure photographer. His early fascination with photography eventually evolved into a burning desire to explore the endless possibilities the world had to offer.

In his early adulthood, Guy made a promise to himself to follow his dreams and live life to the fullest, despite the sacrifices and challenges that came with it. Leaving behind his home, family, and culture, as well as dealing with injuries and even loss, were just some of the obstacles he faced.

During his speaking engagements, Guy shares his journey, including his ongoing battle with self-doubt and the hard-earned lessons he’s learned along the way. Through his visual storytelling and photography, he demonstrates the transformative power of following one’s passions and the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone, which has continually guided him on his life journey.

Guy is available to speak publicly at events and conferences worldwide, and he looks forward to inspiring and empowering audiences wherever his path may lead.