Magazine Covers: A Turning Point in Pursuing My Passion

While I hesitate to attribute the course of my life to a single event, there is one particular moment that holds significant importance in my journey towards realizing my dreams.

Having spent two exhilarating winter seasons in Europe as the in-house photographer for SkiDeal, a renowned tour operator, I had the opportunity to traverse the continent and capture stunning photographs in some of the most breathtaking settings. However, as those winter seasons drew to a close, the pressure to conform to a more conventional path began to weigh on me. Returning home to pursue further studies seemed like the sensible choice.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, in vibrant Tel Aviv, Israel. Amidst the sweltering heat, as I bartended at an Italian restaurant, my mind wandered, grappling with the uncertainties of my future. It was on this very day that a chance encounter altered the course of my life. A customer, an American on vacation in Israel, handed me a ski magazine from his bag – ‘Skiing’s Photo Annual.’ The cover, a captivating black and white image taken in Japan, instantly caught my attention. Engaging in conversation about our shared love for skiing, I mentioned my experience photographing winter landscapes. I found myself at a crossroads, torn between continuing down that path or venturing into uncharted territory.

To this day, I cannot explain why, but as the customer prepared to leave, he turned around and handed me the magazine, saying, “Keep this, maybe I’ll see a photo of yours in here one day.”

That served as an awakening moment. It was a clear sign for me to pursue my passion, although deep down, I already knew that was my path. I resolved to follow my dream and do whatever it took to see my photographs grace the pages of respected magazines worldwide.

Today, my collection of magazines featuring my work grows faster than I can manage, and this past season alone, I added eight more coveted cover shots. Each publication holds a special place in my heart, and I strive to collect them all, preserving them as cherished memories to pass on to my future family.

Printed magazines hold a special significance for me, and I still possess the very magazine that was given to me on that scorching summer day. It stands as a constant reminder to always pursue my dreams.