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Freeskier Highlights Winning Slideshow

The competition was fierce, but in the end there was only one winner.

Read the feature then watch the slideshow that conquered Deep Winter and FreeSkier described as “epic.”

Powder Magazine: 12 Spectacular Ski Photos

The photos that sparked POWDER Correspondent Guy Fattal’s career.

Skier Magazine: Disciple of Light

A full-length profile focusing on what it takes to become a pro-extreme sports photographer. 

Low Pressure Podcast

How a chance meeting, spending a summer selling alarm systems, door to door in Saskatchewan, led to Whistler BC and the covers of your favourite ski magazines. Also on Spotify & Google Podcasts.

Casual Podcast with Ryan Proctor

Ryan interviews Guy over coffee about his experiences in the military, photography and mountain trail running. 

Schirmer in the Field

Guy features in this Nikolai Schirmer video with together with his mentor, the inspirational photographer Mattias Fredriksson. 

The Common Stitch Podcast

What it’s like to surrender to mother nature and roll with the punches when your passion and career revolves around weather conditions. 

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