A Spirit Is To Be Found Everywhere

From a huge smile to a tearful gaze everyone has a story. This makes travelling the world and exploring different countries and cultures such a fascination.

Often during my trips, I find myself walking through crowded streets and markets, tasting new foods and experiencing varied smells and flavours.

Early on when I became interested in photography, I would do exactly this in some of Israel’s most lively and atmospheric towns and markets. My professional career has since taken me to far-flung places as I shoot a variety of extreme sports. However, my passion for street photography, especially for photographing the characters I meet along the way, is what draws me to travelling and exploring new places and cultures the world over.

I believe that there is a spirit to be found everywhere, and this can often be discovered as one takes a journey outside of the comfort zone. This spirit is what I search for and aim to capture along the way.

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